About Cranberry Lane

Established in 1994, Cranberry Lane is the source of all natural soap making and DIY skin care ingredients. In today's world we strive to provide chemical free living through make-it-yourself skin care and hair care as well as pure natural finished products. We sourced our ingredients allover the world, making it easy for customers to have access to the best natural ingredients available. We provide free recipes for making your own bodycare using our ingredients. Our products vary from pure essential oils, blends, kits, soap making supplies, colorants, oils, waxes, packaging supplies, and more. We provide free recipes for those who wants to make their own bodycare. We also can help formulate natural skin care or hair care products for re-sale. The options are endless. At Cranberry Lane not only you can live a healthier life but you can also explore your creativity.

Cranberry Lane Natural